The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Training Lead for Your Human

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Training Lead for Your Human

Hey there, Good Dog!

Ready to take your human on some epic walks and training sessions? We’ve got the ultimate guide to help you choose the perfect lead. After all, keeping your human in check is a big responsibility, and you deserve the best kit to do it!

Why Leads Matter

First things first, why should you care about the lead? Well, a good lead is your secret weapon for teaching your human how to follow your lead (pun intended). It helps build trust, and makes sure they don’t wander off chasing birds or coffee vans. Plus, it keeps you looking fresh and feeling comfy on those daily adventures.

Key Features to Look For

When picking out a lead, here’s what you need to sniff out:

1. Length and Adjustability:
Think about how far you want your human to roam. Especially for those times you need to give them a bit more freedom, go for a longer lead. Adjustable length leads are great if your human can’t make up their mind.

2. Material:
You need a lead that’s tough but comfy. Easy clean also keeps them happy, now we are not saying you regularly pss on your lead, but we've heard some Dogs do. We ain't saying that's you though! Look for ones made from durable materials like nylon or waterproof coatings. They should be strong enough to handle a tug-of-war but not heavy for you to wear.

3. Handle Comfort:
Okay, this one’s for your human’s comfort. A good size handle can save their human hands, during those energetic training sessions. Plus, a happy human means more snacks for you! 

4. Clip Quality:
A sturdy clip is crucial. You want a clip that’s easy for your human to use but secure enough to keep them safely attached. If you're a 'Sniffari at beach' type of dog you want a smooth mechanism, that doesn't get clogged with wet sand.

5. Style and Design:
Why not strut your stuff in style? Choose a lead that reflects your magnificent personality. There’s no reason training leads can’t be fashionable too! I'm sure you, like us, are sick of kidswear prints being used on your kit. We hear ya! You should be worshipped not decorated.

Our Top Picks from

We’ve sniffed out some of the best leads for you from our own collection (Obvz). These leads combine functionality, durability, and style—designed for you by a Dog trainer, because you deserve the best!

1. The Signature Lead:
We know you hate short-ass leads, so our Signature Lead is 1.5 meters long! It’s strong, flexible, and features quality metal hardware. You’re already a trendsetter, but with this lead, the whole world is your dog walk. It’s available in two different widths and clip sizes: S/M is 20mm and L/XL is 25mm. Plus, it has a handle ring, so your human can wear it around their body, while you’re zooming around. [Shop now](

2. The Training and Sniffari Lead:
Get your Sniffari on with this 5-meter training lead. It's your secret weapon, and you're going to look fire on the end of this bad boy! The waterproof, matte finish coated webbing ensures that even your human's snack and drool-covered hands won't slip. It's built to last and handle all your adventures. It’s easy to clean and water, sand, wallaby poop, and mud proof. [Shop now](

3. The Multi-Length Lead:
Picture strutting your stuff in our Multi-Length Lead, either shorter for safe city struts or full length for sniffing out snacks. And anywhere in between, simply get your human to switch up the length! This one can also be used hands free for, you know, when they are holding a bag of your sht AND a coffee. [Shop now](

Final Thoughts

Every Good Dog is unique, and so are your lead needs. By choosing the right one, you’re setting the catwalk for successful, enjoyable walks and training sessions. 

Ready to find the perfect lead? Match with our collars for MAX jaw-droppin' impact. You can check out our full range of leads at []( And don’t forget to share your adventures with us on Instagram using #GoodDogRevolution. Happy training, stay magnificent!

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