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WAGD is all about rewarding our Good Dogs in training, and let me tell you, it's for good reason!

Rewards, well, they come in all shapes and sizes. Treats, toys, or whatever gets your Good Dog's tail wagging - that's what I'm talking about.

But why do I choose the rewards path instead of robotic obedience?

Let's think about it in human terms. You've probably had a boss who only seemed to notice when you messed up, right? How did that make you feel about your job and working with them? Confidence killer, right?

Now, contrast that with the boss who cheers you on, provides clear directions, and pays you fairly. How'd that make you feel? Confidence booster, for sure!

Now, imagine you've got a new task from both of those bosses. With the great boss, you'd get clear instructions, and you'd be all pumped to give it a shot, knowing you won't get yelled at if you fk up. You might even volunteer for more!

With the not-so-great boss, it's more like, "Just do this!" You'd feel stressed, give it a try, mess it up because the instructions were as clear as mud, and then hear, "No!" You might try again, but in the worst case, you'd give up and dread any new tasks. Confidence in tatters.

Here's the deal - I don't want my dog to feel like we do with a "bad boss."

I want my Good Dog to be the one who's keen to try new things! When I'm around, I want him to be like, "What's the plan bish, let's go?".... because there are no wrong answers, only rewards for the right ones.

I want my Good Dog to know it's okay to keep trying until he gets it right, without worrying about getting into trouble. That's how you build a confident dog with his own character.

My part in this? I make sure the setup makes success easy, and I don't leave him hanging. Right answers? Always rewarded (and Big J loves his snacks)!

It's straightforward - you reward the stuff you want to see more of. That's how you get more of the awesome stuff.

Love you legends!
Carly (+Big J)
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