Carly and Big J: Unleashing the Good Dog Revolution

Carly and Big J here!

Firstly, props to my handsome AF sidekick, Big J, for his former Wildling ways. No one wanted him, so he became the muse for my Dog Training business - Super Woofers.

Before Big J, my 9-5 was as a Menswear Buyer in the heart of London. I know, right? Sweaters to Super Woofers may seem like worlds apart, but two worlds collided, and that's where our story begins.

Watching my Dog Training clients switch their dogs from their comfortable training kit to their 'nice' kit for a coffee shop visit, I had a revelation. Why wasn't there fashionable and functional Dog kit for our furry faced homies?

I've always believed in promoting kindness in training. "Bad behaviour" is often just misunderstood natural dog behaviour.

But I didn't want to be just another "Hey, Babes, we love dogs, buy our cute dog gear" brand.

WAGD was born with a simple mission on behalf of all the Good Dogs out there:

1. Create Fashionable + Functional Kit - Designed FOR Dogs: Our kit is not just fashion for the sake of it. It's designed by a dog trainer, with dogs in mind. We want dogs to be comfortable, safe, and look fire while on their adventures.

2. Rebranding the Good Dog - We Are Taking It Back: Every dog, like Big J, has their unique story, and they're all Good Dogs in their own way. WAGD is here to remind the world that All Dogs are Good Dogs.

3. Share Knowledge on Kind Training Methods - Ethics Over Ego: It's not about being the alpha; it's about being kind. We're here to spread the woof about gentle, ethical training methods, to normalise a culture of trust, choice and Good Dog vibes only.

Our products are designed for training, and will turn heads at the dog park. But WAGD goes beyond just products. Our WAGD Academy is designed to support the human end of the lead. This academy will provide valuable training tips and resources to help you and your dog level up your training game.

WAGD is more than just a brand; it's a Good Dog Revolution. Join us in celebrating the sniffer,  the drooler and the amateur landscaper.  Respecting all their quirks, and 100% Dog-ness.

Love and Big Dog Energy,

Carly + Big J

Founders of Who’s A Good Dog.